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What to Expect​ in a Session

 EASY MEDITATIVE STATE You remain aware, yet relaxed and focused, free from distractions, able to talk, ask questions, move freely, and you remember everything. Almost anyone can reach this light state of trance. 
INTERACTIVE No pre-scripted sessions here! You are in dialogue with me as you journey to the moment an issue began, clear the emotional charge, and re-claim your power to create a new path.  
INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT Most of your brainpower is within your subconscious mind and cellular memory. Learn how to tap into this powerful force of advice, inspiration, and wisdom.
INNER CIRCLE When the old you and new you collide, we negotiate agreements to restore harmony, and allow your most creative and authentic self to shine in the world.
INNER HEALER I combine techniques of pain management, hypnotic movement, somatic bodywork and visualization to accelerate healing, and help you instinctively choose the best foods and lifestyle choices for your body.
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