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I have always been a creative, heart-centered, out-of-the box thinker.  In the salad days of my career, I was a teaching artist for young children,  an actor, and eventually director of an award-winning puppet theatre.  This gives me a unique perspective on Inner Child work, and the transformation into joy and creativity that healing childhood trauma unleashes. 

Inspired by my aunt's spiritual journey and positive personality changes as she lived her last years boldly and to the fullest, I  became an Alchemical Hypnotherapist in 1992, graduating from what is now the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis, and  became a Reiki Master the same year.  Reiki has added deep relaxation and enhanced results to my sessions. Having both these tools changed the way I think about and live my life, and helps me change the lives of others.

I also worked in the field of domestic violence and sexual assault for six years, which gives me special insight into Stockholm syndrome and long-term effects of family trauma on everyone involved, as well as special understanding of addiction, where it comes from and the true core needs beneath the symptoms.

In 2015 I began an amazing three-year healing journey from Rheumatoid arthritis, progressing from a wheelchair to walking

without pain. Today I coach clients to use mind-body techniques, subtly perceive their body's needs, and to use visualization to transform from surviving their conditions to thriving. 

While bedridden, I used self-hypnosis for pain control and  mentally prepared myself to walk by visualizing hiking Lake Junaluska.  It worked so well that I now walk over two miles around its picturesque shores every morning!  Last year, my husband Stephen and I realized our dream of moving to Western North Carolina with our cats Hakuna and Matata. I am proud and excited to be practicing in Asheville, an area steeped in natural healing and mountain beauty!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional or licensed counselor. I do not diagnose, cure or treat any mental or physical illness. I am legally and ethically bound to refer my clients to see a doctor to diagnose and monitor diseases.  My expertise is in the impact of subconscious beliefs on behavior and the physical body.

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