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"I spent many years in therapy for childhood trauma, discussing how family beliefs held me back.  Pamela soon helped me discover and free myself from a painful pattern that originated several generations back. It was so liberating to finally reach the heart of the matter, and so efficiently! I still reach out to her for a "tune-up" periodically, and I have never been disappointed."

--Rhonda W.,

   Graphic Artist, Atlanta, GA

Typically, I am hard to hypnotize, but I felt safe with Pamela to enter vulnerable places without fear of re-injury.  Her use of multiple healing modalities within one session makes an enormous difference, easing me into relaxation very effectively.  I found inner resources that I haven’t been able to reach before.  Now I can go within and apply the self-healing techniques she teaches whenever needed. 

I came to Pamela with chronic and acute pain. She helped pinpoint and clear the root cause of the pain. Over time, the pain and discomfort has greatly decreased both in intensity and frequency.  Furthermore, when pain surfaces during challenging times, I can listen to my body, treat myself better, and avoid unnecessary stress. 

--Heather Gaffney Darnell

  Intuitive Reader, Cramerton, NC

I had been a smoker for over 30 years, and had never been a full day without tobacco in some form.  So I was extremely nervous about giving up cigarettes and afraid of failing.  Pamela assured me that everyone feels this way, and that it would be easier to control cravings now, and four months later, I can confidently say that she was right! My wife and I are enjoying the extra money and I am exploring new and old hobbies. My body began to heal quickly, and when I have an occasional stress craving, I use my tools, knowing that smoking is no longer an option for me.

--Chad Dotson

Writer, Lenoir, NC

"Pamela combines an open heart with broad, highly refined healing skills to create a safe space for healing injured and buried parts of yourself. More than that, she helped me get out of my own way and find closure on experiences I had not felt supported enough to face, AND she gave me tools to support myself better going forward.  Our sessions had a deep and far-reaching positive impact on my life.  You'll have a wonderful adventure with Pamela if you are open to going deeper and ready to do the work." 

--Sophie Hampton,

Marketing Manager, Denver, CO

"Within my first two hypnotherapy sessions, Pam helped me clarify my career transition and spiritual path. Directly confronting limiting beliefs learned in childhood, I  rapidly improved my relationship with my body and my self-confidence ."


Ecommerce Manager, Charlotte, NC

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