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What to Expect

VERY LIGHT, MEDITATIVE STATE: You remain alert and focused, able to process, move as needed, talk and you remember everything. Afterwards you feel relaxed, refreshed and awake.

EMPOWERMENT: Your sessions is custom tailored to your needs and beliefs. Instead of receiving a predetermined set of suggestions, you are in the driver's seat with me as your tour guide navigating your inner landscape.

ROOT CAUSES: Your body's cellular memory and subconscious can take you back far beyond conscious memory to the moment any problem began, in this lifetime or beyond, for emotional clearing and personal transformation.

INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT: I teach you to access your inner child, inner healer and inner wisdom

INNER CONFERENCE: We have many aspects to our personality which can be at odds with your goals. We negotiate agreements to restore harmony, and allow your natural strengths, talents and true Self to emerge.

SOMATIC HEALING: There are natural techniques in pain management, hypnotic movement, acupressure and visualization that accelerate healing. Intuitively learn to choose the best foods and lifestyle choices for your body.

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